This site is here to help document as many 1970 Dodge Chargers that are in existence or gone. The registry is free and open to all 1970 Chargers in any condition. We have a history page, production numbers, spec pages, option codes, pictures and even a message board. We also have a Fender Tag decoder, as well as Broadcast Sheet decoders for all 3 models. If it's 1970 Charger related, you will find it here. We are the definitive home for all '70 Charger owners and fans.
That is all the Registries that I am presently aware of, if you have another that doesn't appear here please send it to me and I will be happy to add it to the list: liftoffregistry@hotmail.com

Whether you enjoy Mopar or Ford Aero Warriors,  our club has something to offer you.  We welcome all owners and admirers of Daytonas, Superbirds, '69 Charger 500s, Ford Talladegas and '69 Mercury Cyclone Spoilers, and Spoiler IIs.
Our group was founded in 1975, and we currently have about 600 members across the world.   We have always been friendly towards the Ford aero cars, and in 2001, we assumed responsibility for the Talladega and Spoiler Registry, founded by Mark Moses.

To register your car, e-mail or write to me. You need to send me your fender tag, a COPY of your build sheet or COPYS any other documentation that you have on your car. Do not send me the originals, unless you find a build sheet or something else in your E-Body that doesn't match your car. If you find somehting like that, send it to me and I will try and find the owner of that car. Also, if you have any history on your car I would like to know. Since I have just started this registry, I am gathering information from various sources, including from the registrys.
1970 Plymouth Sport Fury GT 440+6.. the gentlemens supercar! with only 61 cars manufactured in the USA and 3 in CANADA these cars are the rarest, most unusual and sought after of all mopars! so few exist today that unfortunately little is really known about them! this site will try to shed some light on a car that for years was thought a mere "URBAN LEGEND", with 11 documented examples known today unfortunately most are in sad shape.. soon however a few of these rare beasts will emerge into the world to show that a mere "C" body is a force to be reckoned with.. Plymouths King of the Rapid Transit System.
This Registry is designed for all '70-'72 Mopar Cars factory built with the 440 Six Pack Motor.  ...the last of the Six pack Cars. 
Dedicated to 70 Road Runners and GTX's, this site is intended to provide valuable and interesting information on these Mopar masterpieces.
Included is a featured car article, a "for sale/wanted" page and charts/graphs that provide details on colors, interiors, drivetrain combos, striping and other options of all the cars in the Registry
Welcome to the Official Website of the 1970 Hamtramck Registry. This registry is for all "0B" models — from 4-door Valiants to the Duster, Challenger and Barracuda models — all are accepted regardless of condition or engine size. VIN and code information from parts cars and parted cars is appreciated as well! This registry is a division of The Challenger T/A Registry P. O. Box 9632 Ketchikan, AK. 99901 or online at www.challengertaregistry.com and is run by Barry Washington.
The purpose of The Challenger T/A Registry is to record the history of each and every Challenger T/A made, and to attempt to put the data collected into a format that is helpful to the owners and admirers of these cars.
As you may know, Chrysler did not keep complete records of the muscle car era, so trying to build a database of this type 30 years after they were made is not easy. But we have come a long way in just a few years and there is no telling at this point where it will end. I do hear about new cars, mismatched broadcast sheets, engines, and other paperwork all the time. I was very surprised when the list hit 800 T/As, and then we went over 900 T/As about a year after that. As you can imagine, this takes a lot of time and keeps me very busy, but I enjoy helping people and running the Registry very much. I can not do this by myself. I need all the help that I can get. The Registry members are a family of sorts, and every one of them has contributed to the database in one way or another. You are all my eyes and ears, and the information that has been collected so far is due to hundreds of people who took the time to tell me about a car they saw, one they used to own, a broadcast sheet they found in a bucket seat, and so on. I depend on all of you. The Registry would not be where it is today without each of you.
Thank you all,
Barry Washington at The Challenger T/A Registry

Ahhh, the 1970 Plymouth AAR 'Cuda, Plymouth's factory built race car. Has there ever been a more in-your-face vehicle built in North America? Three carburetors, fiberglass hood and spoiler, side exit exhaust and eye popping graphics make the Plymouth AAR 'Cuda one car that's impossible to ignore.
According to   Plymouth AAR 'Cuda enthusiasts, you have found the most comprehensive site dedicated to the 1970 Plymouth AAR 'Cuda. I want to hear from you, owners and enthusiasts of the Plymouth AAR 'Cuda, so that the most comprehensive on-line repository relating to the 1970 Plymouth AAR 'Cuda can be made even better.
The AAR Registry welcomes AAR owners and enthusiasts from around the globe, including the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia just to name a few! The Internet makes this global community of AAR 'Cuda owners possible and notion of physical borders obsolete!
Thank you for inquiring about the 1970 GTX Registry.  A registry is important to help document and provide valuable facts concerning cars.
Purpose:  (1) To document as many surviving 1970 GTXs in a database as possible, (2) to share restoration help with other '70 GTX owners, (3) to provide answers to members questions about their car, fender tag or buildsheet information and (4)  to return original buildsheets to their present owners for documentation of their vehicle.
What is a Registry?  A registry is a complete statistical database using your car's information and combining it with other owner's cars information to document rare options, color combinations, area breakdowns and car survival rates.

This is a free website for Dodge Challenger owners and enthusiasts.
We collect information about Dodge Challengers and publish them here on this website. This information is accessible for anyone. Challengers are mainly registered through the current owners. However, a former owner can register as well, if the VIN # is present in full.We collect registry information through other sources as well and publish them here on this website. For example, we collect publicly available data from online sales, auction-houses and car-dealers.
Please register your Challenger and be part of the worldwide registry.
There are no fees or charges and there are no strings attached !
That is all the Registries that I am presently aware of, if you have another that doesn't appear here please send it to me and I will be happy to add it to the list: liftoffregistry@hotmail.com

We need information from your 1969 'Cuda for the 340, 383. & 440 Registry! The purpose of this registry is to establish a library of production numbers, production variances, unique histories of the cars and a database of pertinent information for future restorations and research. It costs nothing to register your 'Cuda. By completely and accurately filling out your 'Cuda registration, you are actually doing other current and future 'Cuda owners a favor by contributing the data from your car for future reference.
This registry will be divided into three sections depending on what 'Cuda option code is ordered on your vehicle. The first will be dedicated to the A56 (340). Followed by the A57 (383), and last the A13 (440). I hope that you find this registry informative! Please email me the following information below, and I will add it to the registry. I hope to add a form in the future which will add your 'Cuda to the registry instantly once the form is completed online. Thank-you.
Registry for all Chargers 1966 - 2007.
If you choose to register your Coronet in our database found in the members section, please be sure to add as much information as you feel comfortable with. For instance I had to remove entries with just a year given, a field with just the year doesn't help our efforts. I included a spot for you to tell your story about your car, this could also provide useful for our efforts and even makes for some great reading.If you have more then one Coronet, simply put a comma to separate your cars information in each field. Please only Coronets in the database.
FINALLY! A web site dedicated to the underrated, underappreciated Dodge Dart GTS. This includes model years 1967-1968 and 1969! The SMALL Mopar Muscle Car from the 60's. The GTS shared the same A-body platform as the 67-68-69 Plymouth Barracuda on a 111" wheelbase. Equipped originally with the 383 FourBarrel in 1967. This was joined in 1968 with the purpose built, high winding HIGH PERFORMANCE 340 FourBarrel. This does not include the SS Hemi Darts as they were not based on the GTS. In 1969, the "M" code 440 GTS was introduced along with the 340 and 383's! The GTS was the top of the line for the Dart line. The GTS was only available for those three years. Also, 67-68-69 were the only years that had the B-RB engines.

Surfs up Gang! This site is here to help document as many Dodge Dart Sport Hang Ten's that are in existence or gone. The registry is free and open to all Dodge Dart Sport Hang 10 models in any condition. We have a history page, member rides, vintage ads and pictures of various Hang 10's. Surf on in and check out the site.
The OFFICIAL website for all Mopar vehicles built at the LA assembly plant in 1970.
Flower Power!. Remember that? Chrysler jumped on the psychedelic bandwagon of the times by offering a floral pattern for vinyl roofs (Mod Top), seat inserts and door panels on certain Plymouths and Dodges in 1969 and 1970
This is a ~FREE~ registry open to all 1969 Chargers, Charger SE's, Charger R/T's & Charger
RT/SE's. Charger 500's and Daytona's are welcome as well!
The purpose of this registry is to document as many 1969 Chargers as possible....living & dead.
Feel free to browse the site for exterior color codes, options & model info, as well as some great
pics of 1969 Chargers.
Most importantly, please fill out the registration form to get the tally #'s up!
Welcome to the '69 Swinger 340 Registry!
Hi, this is Len and welcome to my '69 Swinger 340 Registry website.  My site is dedicated to recording and preserving the history of these little beasts.   I have been addicted to Mopars for as long as I can remember but my love for these potent a-bodies started just over a year ago when I found my Swinger. 
1969 was the 1st year for these cars with a little over sixteen thousand being built at the Hamtramck and Los Angeles plants.  6,000 RPM for less than $3000...wow, that says it all.  Bare bones with big muscle.  This combination suprised many brand x'ers when they realized just how potent these 340's were.  Imagine the look on their faces when their small block or better yet big block was passed by a dart.
I can remember seeing these all over the place and I think most have seen one or two around in years past but where are they now?  That is what I am trying to find out.  I have started this registry and want to record as much information  as possible on the ones that may be remaining.  Below you will find the info I am seeking and how to contact me.
This site is my 1st attempt at anything like this so bear with me as its format will be upgraded and changed around as I learn more.
Thanks for visiting my site and feel free to contact me with any suggestions or information on these cars you may have.
Len Andrescavage

The goal of the AAR 'CUDA registry is provide an organization to unite AAR owners from all over the world and the admirers of these rare cars. Through the registry we all will compile information about AAR's and distribute it among the members. We will also provide assistance in anyway possible to aid members in the restoration and preservation of his or her AAR 'CUDA. Please print out forms and mail in.  Thanks for your participation.
Welcome to my web site dedicated to Panther Pink Dodges and Moulin Rouge Plymouths (paint code FM3). Read the story at right for the history of Chrysler's High Impact Paint colors.