The guys at Cars Magazine road test a Butterscotch Bee.  They call it the "MIND BOGGLER OF THE YEAR!!!" They only manage a 14.85@99mph quarter. In the article they state they also get a 13.98@104mph.
Maybe a typo because they also have the rear end ratio at 3:55.
Notice the "T" handle HURST shifter! Also mentions that the first 100 Bees were sent to Creative Customs for finishing touches on Feb 19th 1969.

Hot Rod Magazine take out an auto equipped Bee in August 1969. They quarter it in 13.56@105.63mph. With slicks they get 13.37@106mph. 
Autodriver Magazine test another Bee in October 1969. A very cool F6 with white stripe and interior automatic.
Car and Driver have maybe the coolest road test ever in Sept 1969 as they beat on a Super Bee. A must read!!! "A SIX PACK FULL OF 'SHINE"
Car Life take a Super Bee out for a test in July 1969. A great road test that has some awesome details. They pace it to 13.8@104.2mph. Please notice the very visable unpainted fender tag!!! This also a must read...where do I buy one???
The Plymouth "TELLS IT LIKE IT IS" ad and yes they do a little track testing.
Super Street Cars July 1969 does a piece introducing the new SIX PACK engine...a couple of mistakes with the carb sizes but pretty cool.
A little blurb from Hot Rod in August 1969 introducing the Six Pack.
Ronnie Sox tests drives the new Six Barrel Runner in the June 1969
Super Stock. Is this a factory "ringer"????

A later follow-up to the Cecil County...very very interesting and great reading!!!
There you go...TEN "Back in the Day" A12 Road Tests plus one newer re-telling what Mopar was willing to do to sell cars.  If you have another that doesn't appear here please send it to: liftoffregistry@hotmail.com

A well written article announcing Plymouth Six Barrel option for the Road Runner!!!