Car Number 140-WM23M9A284115 The car was found in Wisconsin. It was pretty well stripped out and the engine is gone. The seats are not original so we have no broadcast sheet but there is the fender tag. We are looking for the history on this car. It currently is black with black interior and has a painted on white stripe.
It was supposedly bought from a guy stationed at Ft. Meade Maryland sometime
in the 90's and transported to Wisconsin. I intend to do a title search but since the guy was in the army, I am not sure if the title was from that State. The Vin is WM23M9A284115 (car #140). If you have any background information about this car, please send E-Mail to  Thanks!
Car Number 27-WM23M9A270681 is looking for original engine, transmission and broadcast sheet as well as any past owners. Car was bought out of Missouri. Email
I have the broadcast sheet for RM23M9A283598. The car became a racecar and didn't need its seats long ago.  Last I heard car went to MI from OH.  Car was originally W1 W1 H2X D32 426. Free to current owner w/proof.
Email Dan 
Car Number 136-RM21M9A282574 I am looking for the original engine and transmission from my car. It was bought from Oklahoma City OK. I was told it was a local drag racer's car. Last inspection date was 1973. Email
I purchased a 6 bbl new in 69 and sold it in the early 80's. I am cleaning out a lot of old stuff and am looking  for the current owner to give some of the stuff I saved from it. I have pics of it on the R.R. transport coming into council bluffs IA. as well as broadcast sheets and a letter that gives authorization to build at the factory.I also have the original window sticker. #s are RM 21 M9A 246414, would have been purchased at Blair Nebraska in the 90s and might have went to the Twin Cities area. Thank you E-Mail is IOWAKEIGHTLEYS@AOL.COM
-Thanks Joe
Car Number 28-WM21M9A271408 I just purchased the car out of Chicago.  Was hoping to contact previous owner from Wisconsin who had registered the car on this site to see if he still had the build sheet or any other documentation or  information on this car. On the registry he/she claims to have had the build sheet but I think the car has been through a few hands and paperwork got lost in the shuffle.  Please contact Stephen Hough at 
Thanks in advance!  
-Stephen Hough

RM21M9A274008-1969 1/2 roadroadrunner post coupe. Hello I am looking for the original engine transmission and any information on it
Original R4 red painted black sometime in the 80's I know the car was in MI from 1990-2003 now in IL.
Car Number 29-WM21M277526. The engine that I have is serial # 9A250090 E440hp, apparently from an M-code Roadrunner out of the southeast U.S.A.  If anyone can prove this was from the same car we can work something out. I would dearly like to find my original engine/trans or talk to any former owners of my 1969 1/2 Superbee coupe,R4,black int.
-Geoff McGuire in Ottawa,Canada 
RM21M9A262531-I am looking for the broadcast sheet or any other papers for this turqoise metallic or seafoam metallic lift off road runner, or previous owners, thanks.
Welcome to the A12 Lost and Found. Please email the Registry if you are looking or have found an original engine, transmission, broadcast sheet or fender tag from one of these cars. Hopefully we will be able to re-unite a few cars with their lost parts and paperwork!!! The Registry's email is
RM23M9A257120- Help I am looking for any paperwork or the fendertag for the 6bbl Road Runner I just bought .. It is a major project but I am planning a full restoration on the car but I do not have a Fendertag or buildsheet for the car, I would pay for either of these items so I can do the restoration 100% correct....... It is a F6 green auto on the column car.  
RM21M9A286664-Car has original seats with (what's left of) the original upholstery, but no broadcast sheet. Please email any info to:
Car number 79- WM23M9A287920. This car was a Kansas car all its life and purchased from Quality Motors in Independance, Kansas and resided in Parsons, Kansas from 1972 to 2001. If anyone knows where the original matching motor/block or buildsheet is, please contact me at
Thanks Steve
WM23M9A271337, a hemi orange console four speed superbee with black buckets from Syracuse, NY.  I would like to get information and any original parts back (lift off hood, motor, 4 speed, dana, interior and build sheet).  Car was owned and raced by Al Giocchi and Dave Johnson in the 70's.  The drivetrain and hood were parted out from the car and sold locally.  A 383 motor and automatic with an 8.75 axle were put in the car.  A Puerto Rican (Canteen Jiminez??) bought the car.  The interior (with build sheet?) were taken out before the car was passed through several people to me.  Contact by email at
RM23M9A293748 Looking for my old 69 1/2 440 6bbl.  I bought the car new and
would like to know of it's where abouts if it's still in existance.  If the
current owner does not wish to sell, I understand.  Email:

Car Number 248-RM23M9A267958, 
I am searching for the motor and 4 speed, build sheet and any info on this car. It spent most of its life in Georgia. Dahlone, Cumming and Dawsonville. Any info would be greatly appreciated, Thanks, Jeremy Blake,
I just wanted to see if you know of anyone with a 69 1/2 Bee that is
missing their original engine.  As it turns out, one of my cars (1972
Charger Rallye 440-4speed) actually has a 1969 440 in it.  Galen Govier
tells me that the engine is from a Super Bee - and that means it's a 440
Six Pack motor.  I've browsed the list if VINs on your web-site with no
luck. I've also, posted the serial number on and
to see if anyone recognizes it.  The number on the block is: 9A303033 with
a casting date of 5-23-04.  If you know of anyone that has the car that
matches this serial number, please give them my e-mail address - I'd love
to see somebody make their Bee numbers-matching.
Thanks for your time!
Bob Stewart

Car Number 107 - RM21M9A280118 Looking for any information about car, original motor, broadcast sheet, etc. Idaho car with MANY previous owners. Any information appreciated.
WM23M9A306923 - We are looking for any original information, original short block, transmission, and broadcast sheet
RM21M9A257116 this was my father in laws car, we are currently looking for it.
Thanks, Ralph